About Well Placed

What is Well Placed Consultancy?

Well Placed Consultancy is an Event Management, Search and Training Consultancy. We work with individuals, groups and organisations through structured events and activities.

For Groups and Organisations, as well as consultancy, and event management, Well Placed Consultancy also develop group work and team building. We also network organisations to share information, ideas and build partnerships through our “First Monday” events. Contact our office [email protected] for more details. For Individuals, we provide one-to-one counseling, coaching or mentoring. Our aim is to build self esteem, increase personal effectiveness, and encourage risk taking and challenges, which will enable the individual to progress their career prospects.

“If you want to move people; it has to be towards a vision that’s positive to them; and it has to be presented in a compelling way that they feel inspired to follow”.
Dr Martin Luther King

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What Does The Consultancy Do?

  • Training – Well Placed Consultancy develop and delivers training activities.
  • Motivational Talks and Lectures – Well Placed Consultancy organise speakers and authors, including speakers and authors from the ethnic minority communities, who can encourage, stimulate and support thinking.
  • Consultation – We organise and run consultation exercises e.g. for the children’s fund, or for regeneration projects.
  • Organised Event Experiences – Well Placed Consultancy organise memorable event activities.
  • Search – Methodical and systematic approach to searching for items and services. Well Placed Consultancy will find people, places or services in order to complete a project, event or activity.
  • Job Coaching – Well Placed Consultancy help you to get the best from yourself in your employment goal.
  • Reminiscence – Well Placed Consultancy organise sessions for Senior Citizens to explore memory

“Well Placed Consultancy’ mission is to anticipate needs, to exceed expectations and to deliver a positive experience, by presenting new possibilities for developing individuals and communities.”


Mia Morris – Event Management Search Training
Tel. 020 7642 9728
[email protected]